Honeymoon Places in Singapore

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For most of them, a marriage or a wedding ceremony is a strenuous schedule. It is the time when you do not have time for yourself but you are at the most important juncture of your life with the love of your life. The weddings and marriages are made in heaven it is said. However, there is something that might not be made in heaven but is heaven itself that follows a marriage. It is the honeymoon.

Honeymoon is one of the most important trips for a couple, and for those who are in an arranged marriage, it is the first trip together where they will spend time with each other and understand both of them. It is the starting point of their love life together. It is to be noted that the honeymoon destinations should comply with the wants of the couple and also many other aspects that make it a complete trip.

Singapore is one of such destinations that gives you a very complete feeling, and it is not adjusted with honey moon. The other side is that it is even good for a honeymoon. This island city has everything it takes to make it a perfect honeymoon destination. Some of them might be as simple as a walk on the coast, and the other might be as exotic as having a candle light dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants in the most expensive city to live in on this planet.

Here are a few things that we thought you could do in Singapore honeymoon.

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi is a place that nobody will miss in Singapore. It is the official International Airport of Singapore. The beach walk on the coast is one of the most amazing and romantic things that you can do in Singapore. You have a lot of aspects to die for on this amazing walk on the coast. The amazing things include a nice view of the sea, the boats, the palaces and to make it all even better, it also makes one of the best spots to view the sunset in Singapore.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia

Escape from a simple pleasure of walking on the coast to an exotic pleasure of staying in one of the most prized and expensive hotels in Singapore. This hotel is one of the most exotic destinations for a Singapore honeymoon. It has an amazing view of the Singapore Skyline which includes the places like the eye of Singapore and the Marina Bay. It is not just the location and the view that makes it a great place but also a collection of amazing art from famous artists like Andy Warhol. Some of the paintings feature the honeymoon and the painting called the second honeymoon tip is a specialty treat for people who visit the Ritz Carlton and Singapore for their honeymoon.

Bukit Batok Town Park

Would you like to feel like a young couple who is breaking away from the crowd of Singapore and relaxing in a park having their own little private romantic time? This Park is the one that you will need to look for in that case. This amazing park is really picturesque with a lot of landscape views and is a great attraction and hotspot for couples and wedding photographers. You can just take a walk in the romantic forests that gives you an experience of peace like no other place in Singapore ever can!

Cruising On The Singapore River

For some strange reason, cruisers are always romantic! In romantic place like Singapore, taking a cruise can elevate your Romance to the next level, especially on your honeymoon. The Cruise not only gives you an experience of the Peaceful waters of the Singapore river but also gives you great views of places like the Marina Bay Sands, the merlion and a lot of other famous landmarks of Singapore. Add the amazing light show that you could probably watch with your loved one and the Singapore Cruise only becomes the ultimate thing for you to do on a Singapore honeymoon!

Dinner at the Jewel box

The honeymoon is always about taking your Romance two different Heights. Keeping this in mind, the dinner at Jewel box is something that you should never miss on your Singapore honeymoon. If you were to visit the Mount Faber Park which is one of the most picturesque and beautiful spots in Singapore made without the intervention of humans, you will get to go on a cable car ride over the park that gives you an amazing view. Add a bit of dinner to this experience and this is one dinner that you can never forget in your lifetime which has just started!

Marina Bay Sands

Everyone who dreams about Singapore will surely dream about the merlion and the picture of a ship like Hotel elevated above the rest of the skyscrapers in the night scene of the Singapore city. This is the Marina Bay Sands which is one of the best hotels to stay in, not only in Singapore but on the entire planet. If you are not into this kind of an exotic and exorbitant stay, you can always enjoy the laser show that happens at the Marina Bay Sands. If you would like to elevate your Romance, you could probably enjoy having some wine or champagne in one of the clubs or lounges nearby!

Singapore is a place that is blessed with a lot of attractions like the Jurong Bird Park the garden of Singapore, the Botanic Gardens, the Sentosa and the aquarium. While these places might sound to be normal attractions, there is always an element of romance that you can as if you were to go with your loved one. All these places, coupled with the cleanliness and the organized nature of Singapore make sure that your honeymoon is nothing short of unforgettable. Book your honeymoon package with a travel agent who knows the in and out of Singapore and will give you the best honeymoon package possible for Singapore, so your honeymoon will be memorable for the life that you and your loved ones are going to live together starting with that memorable holiday!