Fun Things to do in Singapore

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Singapore has a lot of attractions and is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are a lot of things that one can do in Singapore on a Singapore tour package. Singapore is such a Holistic tourist destination that there is something to do for a person in every age group and in every economic group. Singapore, in spite of being a small country in terms of land area, has made sure that there are a lot of things for a lot of people to do including an Eco Park, a Bird Park, a nocturnal zoo and an island that showcases the essence of Singapore in every way. However, in all of these, there are a lot of things that can be isolated as fun things to do in Singapore. Let us take a look at them.

Photos of the Merlion


The Merlion on the Sentosa Island in Singapore is probably one place that everybody likes to visit in Singapore just because they can click a photograph of the lion fountain and tell the entire world on Facebook or any other social media that they have been to Singapore. Some people are content with the photograph of the fountain alone. However, there are people who can be considered as the next level of crazy who would like to take a photograph of the lion throwing the water into their mouths. It is nothing more than trick photography but the thrill and the fun element that goes into clicking this photograph is surely worth a giggle. No wonder, every kid from the ages 6 to 60 wants to get this kind of a picture clicked at the Merlion.

Selfie with some weird fishes at the aquarium

SEA aquarium is probably the biggest aquarium in Asia and one of the biggest in the world. This aquarium has a lot of fishes that are quite exotic and cannot be found in captivity anywhere on this planet. Some of the species, however, are altruistic in nature and do not mind human interaction even if there is a glass wall that separates them. That have been instances of dolphins coming close to humans and playing with children. There are also instances of the Manta Ray fishes swimming close to one person because probably they have like them for a reason and it is there a version of love at first sight across the species. If you can encounter a fish like this, do not miss to click a selfie with them and that have been instances when fishes have also shown into GSM in Getting their pictures clicked. They might not know about the photography part of it or the Social Media Part of it, but it is only to be proved that not even animals are spread from seeking attention!

Party on the Marina Bay Sands


Not all fun activities are cheap and not all fun activities are expensive. While clicking a picture at the merlion might not cost anything at all, the party at the Marina Bay Sands is on the other extreme. However, sometimes fun comes at a certain cost and this one is a little bit expensive. Just imagine partying in the structure that dominates The Skyline of Singapore and getting a bird’s eye view, literally, of one of the most developed countries in the world. All you see is dazzling lights, skyscrapers rich cars and high rise Apartments that give you a feel of being in a utopian world. Add that to some dance music and some drinks that could get you at a different level of intellect and imagination altogether, and you have had your share of expensive fun in Singapore!

Enjoy a different perspective of the pelicans

Jurong Bird Park is a must visit on your tour package to Singapore. It is the largest bird park in Asia and it houses about 5000 words belonging to about 400 species. There are a lot of attractions in the Jurong bird Park including the waterfall, the dinosaur descendants Wings of Asia, Lohri laughed, Penguin coast, the world of Darkness and a lot more. However, it is the Pelican ko that takes the cake for something that can be considered as a fun thing to do. What makes the Pelican Cove interesting is that this is the only place which has an underwater viewing gallery for the Pelican which means that you will get a view of the Pelican scooping the fish from under the water as if you wear it another fish looking at this act of one of your friends being scooped away by these huge flighted Birds for a scrumptious lunch! Do not forget that there is a boardwalk that you can get a view of the Pelican in air from and interestingly, this is how other pelicans look at each other.

Fight with superhero statues at Universal Studios
There cannot be a time when you will be able to defeat Superman or Hulk. There will also not be a time when Hulk, of all people, can be supposed to stay calm if you hit them. There are chances that Superman might! To satisfy your ego of fighting a superhero, you could probably do that in the animation shows of the Universal Studios. The studio tour in itself is a great delight and might sometimes be a bit of a serious affair. However, adding things like this is surely bound to Spice up your trip and this could be one of the funniest things that you could do on your romantic trip to Singapore when visiting the Universal Studios.


Singapore is a great place for anyone to visit and no tour is complete without a little bit of fun. We do not go on tour packages to just reference a bucket list and see if we have seen all the places or not but rather for an experience of the place that gives you a real feel of what it means to be as a part of their culture and tradition. Sometimes the culture and tradition also embody a lot of fun. Singapore, with eminent leaders likely. You has crafted a culture that is about hard work dedication and commitment as much as it is about fun! Enjoy all these things that you can count as memories in your Singapore tour package.