Best Time To Book a Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation is a holiday that every family in India with a child looks forward to. This is the time when the child is free of any academic pressure and can enjoy the place. This is perhaps the first introduction that the child has to the awesomeness and joy of travelling. Planning a summer vacation would make sure that the next academic year of the child is more relaxed and enthusiastic as well. They go back to school with a lot of memories to share with their friends and the pride of having been to a place that they have never been to before.

As much as summer vacations are a delight, it would be a disappointment to have planned a summer vacation and not executing it, and it would be even more so if it were to be missed because of time. Sometimes, because everybody wants to take a summer vacation, it becomes a little too late for you to plan and book a summer vacation on time. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the best time to book a summer vacation and the different aspects that go behind deciding the best time for it.


If a place is more popular, the more likely it is to get booked early. It is not just about the transport but also the accommodation. It is not that accommodation could get full, but it is just that sometimes it could get more expensive as the time approaches. Therefore, considering the possible crowds that might enter the place during the summer vacation, it is important for you to plan well ahead. If you are going to visit a place like Ooty or Shimla as a part of your summer vacation travel, it is good to be booked as early as February. However, for the last minute, there might be a few options but might not always be viable. It is also important and essential that you avoid any elements of uncertainty when you are going on a summer vacation with your family.

Availability Of Accommodation

Sometimes, the place might not be popular but still be full comma and at other times a place might be super popular but still might have travel at accommodation options. There are a few mainstream summer vacation areas that have stopped up enough of accommodation even for the peak season. However, there are a few places that might not interest everyone and people who plan on a vacation to these kind of places plan well ahead and book all the available accommodation options. There are also places like Valparai and megamalai where the available accommodation is limited to 2 or 3 at the maximum. If you are going to this kind of places, it is not just about the popularity but also about the availability of accommodation. You will need to take care of these aspects so that you and your family can have a comfortable stay.

Transportation Options

An essential aspect of visiting a different place on a summer vacation is the travel involved. Considering the Limited travel options that we have, it is also essential to book the travel options early on. The most preferred to travel for an average Indian is by train. The trains are so Limited in number that they can get full very soon. Keep in mind the first day to book your reservation ticket and make sure that the tickets are booked on that particular day. It is always a better plan to cancel the ticket at a later date then to wait for your ticket to get confirmed or bite your nails for the tatkal tickets to happen. There are buses that could give you travel options but nothing comes as comfortable as the train does and it has to be attributed to the washroom facilities that are available on the train. Sometimes however, if you have to go to places like Kodaikanal, trains might not be a great option as you have to get down at Kodai road and have to switch over to a different mode of transport. In that case, it is a great option to book a bus right from Chennai or any other place that you would like to start from so that you can reach the place without any hassle or confusion. The flip side, however, is that if buses are the only options available, there are very good chances that they could get booked very soon.


Why LOL The Other aspects might be practical and the liking towards a particular place might sound superficial, it is important to note that the interest of your child matters a lot when they are being taken to a different location. There are chances that they might have a place in mind and they might have heard the experiences of one of their friend narrating their stories about the place and they might have the eagerness to explore those places by themselves. Before you embark to book on a summer vacation to a particular place, make sure that you spend time with your child to understand their liking and preferences so that your summer vacation doesn’t just become one more thing that is done during the holidays but more like an experience that your child will cherish for a lifetime!

Considering all of these, the best time to book a summer vacation, in a conclusive fashion, would be somewhere between 2 to 3 months ahead of the time when you would like to commence your tour. However, in the best interest, it is highly recommended that you book the summer vacation as early as February to plan your travel by April or May. This will ensure that your summer vacation is hassle-free, has no hiccups in transport and you have the best Accommodation at the best possible price. If all of these things fall in place, it is quite a sure that your summer vacation will be memorable for everyone who participates in it and these memories will last a lifetime, and probably more if your childhood narrate their first summer vacation to their child and so on! After all, the joy of travel is, to say the least, contagious!